About the Main Event

A Grand Prix Main Event is the largest, open-entry Magic: The Gathering tournament offered worldwide, attracting fans of all ages to compete for Pro Tour qualifications and lots of additional prizes! Please visit the official Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix page for more information about Grand Prix in general, or continue reading for specific details on Grand Prix Orlando's Main Event!

Grand Prix Orlando's maximum Main Event seating capacity is 4,000 players. Anyone wanting to participate in Grand Prix Orlando's Main Event must register online or on-site by 9pm on Friday, March 24th. There is no Saturday Main Event registration.

The Show Up & Play! Experience

Beginning at 8am on Saturday, Main Event participants will be able to construct their Sealed decks as soon as they arrive. Simply report to the Show Up & Play! stations next to the Main Event stage to receive your preregistered Sealed pool and be seated for deck construction. Once seated, players will receive 5 minutes to verify the contents of their preregistered Sealed pool and then 30 minutes to construct their deck.

To learn more about our Show Up and Play! experience, please click here.

Round One begins promptly at 10am.

When do I need to show up for Deck Construction?

Byes Time you need to show up for Deck Construction
None Saturday 8am - 9am
One Saturday 8am - 10am
Two Saturday 8am - 11:15am
Three Saturday 8am - 12:30pm

Main Event Schedule

On-Site Registration Players can register on-site at the Customer Service station or online until 9pm Friday.
Main Event
Deck Construction
Main Event participants may begin to construct their Sealed decks.
Main Event
Day One
Round One begins promptly at 10am. After nine Swiss rounds of Kaladesh/Aether Revolt (KLD/AER) Sealed play, all players with 18 or more match points advance to Day 2.
Main Event
Day Two
Day Two begins promptly at 9am. After six rounds of Kaladesh/Aether Revolt (KLD/AER) Booster Draft, the Top 8 finishers will participate in another KLD/AER Booster Draft and battle through a single-elimination bracket to determine the Grand Prix Orlando champion!

Main Event Prizes

Grand Prix Orlando qualifies players for Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, which takes place on July 28th-30th, 2017 in Kyoto, Japan!

The Top 8 finishers, and all other players who accumulated at least 39 match points in the Swiss rounds, will receive a Pro Tour Hour of Devastation invitation and Travel Award.

Place Prizes Additional Prizes
1st $10,000 Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Invitation + Travel Award
2nd $5,000 Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Invitation + Travel Award
3rd-4th $2,500 Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Invitation + Travel Award
5th-8th $1,500 Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Invitation + Travel Award
9th-16th $1,000
17th-32nd $500
33rd-64th $250
65th-100th $250 Added if the event reaches 3,000+ players
101st-180th $200 Added if the event reaches 3,000+ players

Grand Prix Main Event have an 8x Planeswalker Points Multiplier. These points can earn you byes in future Grand Prix Main Events. For more information on Planeswalker Points, visit the Planeswalker Points information page.

Pro Points

The Top 8 finishers receive Pro Points based on rank. All other players receive Pro Points based on their Match Points at the end of the event. See below for a more detailed breakdown.

Finish Pro Points
1st 8
2nd 6
3rd-4th 5
5th-8th 4
Match Points Pro Points
39+ 4
36-38 3
33-35 2
30-32 1
0-29 0

Earning Byes

Players can earn up to three byes for a Grand Prix Main Event either by winning a Grand Prix Trial, having enough Planeswalker Points Seasonal Award Points, having a specific Pro Tour Players Club level, or being a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

Planeswalker Point Byes

Byes Planeswalker Points
One 1300 Points
Two 2250 Points

Byes earned through Planeswalker Points are calculated using the Planeswalker Point totals from all reported events as of the Wednesday immediately before the Grand Prix. Planeswalker Points earned in tournaments held at the Grand Prix event site do not count toward earned byes at that same Grand Prix's Main Event.

(Earned in the 2016 Yearly Award Season, 06/01/15 - 05/29/16, or the 2017 Yearly Award Season, 5/30/16 - 05/28/17)